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So Many Russian Women and Russian Girls, So Few Men

There are many more Russian women than men
Russia has always suffered from a shortage of men relative to the number of women (currently men make up only 44% of the total population). After the Second World War, in which 27 million Russians were killed (the bulk of the casualties were men) there was a great shortage of men. There was even a popular song in the 1960s that went "according to statistics, there are only eight men for every ten Russian girls". In many ways, this "deficit", which still prevails in modern day Russia, has placed Russian men in a very enviable position while increasing the number of mail order brides seeking marriage overseas. Not only are they highly sought after, they also have far more choices than Russian women.

Russian women have spoiled Russian men
And yet, as Alexander Vorobyov, Editor-in-Chief of Medved (Bear) magazine, said, "when there are more girls than men, a man has less stimulus to 'win his girl'. Although this is still a question of a man's ambition." The surplus of Russian women has had other consequences as well. "We're kind of spoiled here," Bezouglvi admitted wryly. "Men in the USA have to watch what they say much more than we do, they have to behave themselves, political correctness, and all that. Over here, a man can still be a man, and it's much easier to be a man here."

Russian women and Russian girls must accept male chauvinism
"You can be a total male chauvinist pig here and feel perfectly fine. It's very accepted - by Russian women too." Promiscuity among men is also quite accepted, if not outright admired. Many Russians, including women, for instance, could not understand what all the fuss was about regarding President Bill Clinton's ongoing sex scandals. Attitudes range from "Big deal" to "Way to go, Bill". So, in many ways, Russia remains a traditional society for Russian women and men. There is still the notion of men's work (outside the home) and women's work (taking care of the home, including everything from child care to cooking, to putting in nails in the bathroom wall), and Russian women are expected to cope with these tasks even if they have a job outside the home.

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