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Russian Women Love Cosmetics

Russian women value very highly cosmetics made in France. The worship of French cosmetics among Russian women is passed from one generation to the next. Even representatives of the middle class who can't allow themselves to enjoy very many luxuries will occasionally buy at least a lipstick or an eye-shadow, mascara or powder of one of the luxury brands such as Dior or Givenchy, etc.

But a couple of years ago French cosmetics got a competitor - from some various Japanese cosmetic products. The demand for Japanese cosmetics is rapidly increasing. Japanese companies use traditional ingredients while European companies offer original recipes. European companies are very careful about the safety of cosmetic products. They frequently update the list of ingredients that are prohibited to use and it imparts a great deal of trust among Russian women.

So called pharmacy cosmetics is getting popular too. And it is thanks to the belief of Russian women that pharmacy cosmetics are tested in clinics and meet higher requirements and standards. It seems to be true given that the same Authorities who control the manufacturers of pharmacy cosmetics also control medicine in Europe.

But the most dynamic cosmetics market in Russia is the middle - market. The most popular cosmetic brands are Nivea, Oriflame, Avon, Garnier, Max Factor, L`Oreal. In Russia cosmetics are usually bought in specialized shops and pharmacies. Supermarkets occupy third place. Only a few Russian women buy cosmetic products on the internet. The attitude of Russian women towards cosmetic sales assistants is rather unusual. If they receive too much consultation and information, they often do not buy. Statistics show that a Russian woman will purchase more products if she is not approached and interfered with too much by a shop assistant.

The average Russian woman is not devoted to a particular brand, but prefers to experiment with various brands of cosmetics. She is always interested in new products. In the case where some new and revolutionary cosmetic product appears on the market she will be ready to buy it. How could she allow herself to miss a product that everybody already knows about or her friend has already tried. She is profoundly influenced by advertising and starts using anti-age cosmetics in her early thirties. A Russian woman believes that her beauty and youth are a must for her success. But Russian women are very cautious about plastic surgery. Russian beauties seldom say "yes" to aesthetic medicine and procedures. Russian women cosmetics - our preferences.

Wealthy Russian women buy only luxury products. Skin treatment is chosen very carefully. They choose professional creams that are made by specialists in spa-salons. Many Russian women prefer to purchase cosmetics abroad. They believe that if they buy in foreign beauty salons and clinics, they will be advised more appropriately which cosmetics exactly suit them. Also buying cosmetics overseas is more reliable because of quality and identity. In most Russian shops the shop assistants don't really know the products they sell. And a client may receive different answers for the same question in different shops. The only thing in which they all seem to agree: there should be a few bottles of different perfumes on a woman's dressing table.

Business women have a different approach when purchasing cosmetic products. They use more lip gloss than lipstick and prefer natural makeup. They update their cosmetic set when necessary. Sometimes they buy something "innovative" but often a wonderful item will not live up to their expectations and will not suit their style. Because a business lady can't change her style and image radically she must be conservative in her choice of products. They don't consider morning make up as a necessary ritual and don't pay too much attention to it. It's more reasonable for them to spend more time taking professional skin care in a beauty salon that will help them maintain the health of their skin as opposed to camouflaging "traces of passing years".

Many Russian women are contradictory in that they share the opinion that a man's opinion is not important for them when choosing cosmetics. But at the same time they try to look beautiful for men. Through the advice of their female friends, acquaintances, female co-workers they find their guide for action.

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