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Russian women, like all women, usually have reasons for everything they do. Unlike men, who often think universally and tend to generalize information; women are more personal in their approach to finding answers. You can find many beautiful Russian women videos online. Here are some statistics relating to Russian women participating in online Russian dating:
  1. 79% of Russian women seeking to meet foreign men have never been married.
  2. 64% are younger than 30 years of age. Be very attentive with Russian women who are over thirty, and have never been married. These women have pragmatic minds. They have learned many lessons in life, and they may not be as simple as they might appear in the beginning.
  3. 90% of the women have higher educations, 12% even have two higher degrees. Many are professionals.
  4. 69% of the women have no children.
  5. Though almost all Russian women work (or are studying to acquire a profession), only 25% of them have jobs connected with their diplomas. It is so difficult for women to find a well-paying job. Therefore they have to take up any decent paying job to survive. This is a clear indication that Russian women are hard-working, resourceful and often have to rely on themselves in order to survive.

  6. Why are they interested in foreign men?
    • 49% claimed that they are fed up with Russian men.
    • 58% believe that foreign men are more serious about their role in family than Russian men.
    • 37% believe that international marriage will help them improve the quality of their lives and their future child's life.
    • 93% will marry only when they know for sure they love the man.

    Most Russian women have had unpleasant experiences with Russian men. They believe that foreigners are kinder and more caring, more family-oriented and more organized and serious in their life decisions.

  7. When describing the type of man they are looking for, they used the following words:
    • 86% of the women used the word "kind"
    • 68% used the word "caring"
    • 59% would like to find a man who is "family-oriented" and loves children
    • 31% are looking for physically strong and fit men, who like sport
    • 32% are seeking for "serious" men
    • 6% would like to have "practically thinking" husbands
    • 6% would like to meet handsome and charming men
    • 0% mentioned the word "sexy"
These figures were compiled from a survey of the top five Russian women dating sites. It is up to you to decide what they mean.

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