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Russian Women Fashion in the Home

Life for most Russian women is lived at a mad pace. One third part of their life is spent sleeping. Another third is spent at work. And, only one third is devoted to their families, including their pets.

So, how can Russian women look attractive and seductive even at home? Only in comfortable and elegant clothing which give a restful feeling and good mood! Clumsy cotton dressing gowns have faded into the past and uncomfortable tight jeans now lie at bottom of their wardrobe together with their unisex T-shirts. The new fashion choice of Russian women is leggings with a snug effect and wide jersey blouson made from natural hygroscopic fibers. These days it is one of the most popular and practical combinations for home.

And while office clothing has the unconditional standards of reserved etiquette, at home Russian women escape from the boring muted colors and style of business suits. This is absolutely necessary in order to reduce the unfavorable aftereffects of the office. Russian women typically choose a comfortable combination of a bright red, turquoise, emerald or canary yellow cotton top, pants made of checked material and a pair of comfortable soft fluffy slippers. The main fashion slogan for Russian women at home is comfort in wearing and ease in maintenance. That is why plain pants made from flax are irreplaceable. Flax retains warmth, never irritates the body and is pleasant to the hands of the woman's beloved.

Even though Russian women are quite busy, they do not spend the whole day cooking and cleaning the house. The above-mentioned home clothing gives Russian women the feeling that they are no worse off than a TV or romance novel heroine. Such clothing helps them feel as a beloved desirable woman for all circumstances. And if a Russian woman wants to look elegant but does not want to overdo it by wearing a full dress silk blouse, then a stylish elegant set of atlas shortened pants and delicate blouson made of rayon will be very good attire to receive an unexpected guest. If a Russian woman is in an erotic mood, she might choose silk. Silk is very light and romantic. The cool touch of silk in the morning can be refreshing and take away the drowsiness of sleep. And if a Russian woman combines silk with tender lace underwear, it could be some of the most erotic clothing in her wardrobe.

What can be better than a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee! But most Russian women do not want to wear a shapeless dressing gown about the house. Why Russian women wear dressing gowns. There is an answer: a comfortable set of knitted fabric and loose blouson. It is like pajamas and a woman can sit in her favorite armchair and put her bare feet up on the coffee table. Most Russian women dream about this day the whole working week!

Russian women view home hair style first from a practical and relaxing point of view. They do not forget that their hair relaxes at home as well as they do. Home is the optimum protection from dust, wind and cold. That is why women who have long hair should allow it to stay free for a couple of hours. It is very good for hair to dry naturally without a hairdryer and to use different kinds of foam mousses.

Men have their own opinion about those early morning hours. Many enjoy the "morning" look of a woman with some traces of sleep still on her face, tousled hair and without makeup. It gives them some feeling of power, or at least equality, with the woman who will soon take on the image of an unapproachable woman of Perfection, who in a half an hour will fly away shining in her perfect elegance from head to toe.

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