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I never really could fall in love with a Russian man. Of course there were some light fascinations and even my first funny love. I was a school girl and he was a communist pioneer leader in summer camp. We flirted for 2 years, but I became a woman and he stayed a boy.

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  There's a boiler room below my balcony and on its roof there still remains his words written by paint: "Sofia, I love you!" Later there were some other boys who seemed to have interest but feelings always passed quickly. Our boys grow up in complicated times - at the juncture of new political and economical crossroads, where old values are being buried and the new ones are offered by teenage American movie comedies.

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  In other words our young men are a "lost generation". Post Soviet "sexual revolution" has strangled all small sprouts of love and feelings which lie dormant in young souls. I survey life in our changing country with grief: kids of "New Russians" (rich and cynical) marginalized with free money and kids of proletarians who drink cheap alcohol and grow up feeling themselves as outlaws. But where is the third category I seek - the thinking, feeling, searching and enlightened? Where will be my future love? Is he somewhere beyond the western horizon? Written by Sophia, a Russian woman featured on RWGlobe.

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