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Ukraine dating - Ukraine women are not weaker sex
men "Do you want me to tell you the truth about men? They have one brain convolution and you have two. You have to feel sorry for them. They, not Ukraine dating women, are the weaker sex." Actress Nina Ruslanova (Komsomolskaya Pravda) "Stanislav Yezhi Lets Believed … that out of the three things that bring a man pleasure (work, cars, and Ukraine dating women), the best is the dog. In my opinion, what brings men even more pleasure is money, or to be more exact, the process of obtaining it."
- Yuri Katsman, Editor-in-Shief, Dengi Magazine

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Ukraine dating - Ukraine women choose stability
  "…I love men with stable habits. Not the best ones - not even extravagant ones - just normal ones. But in the eyes of Ukraine dating women, such a man can always be justified - he 's an eccentric and with his peculiarities. But all the same a man, and in this lies his main strength… So long as you are fighting his stupid habits, he's yours. As soon as you win, he leaves you. Why fight? It's better to forgive and prolong the pleasure."
- Freelance journalist Yelena Levina (Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Ukraine dating - Ukraine women don't like men of socialist mentality
  "I believe that we don't have any real men among actors. The strongest sex is Ukraine dating women. All the same, the men contrive to play some sort of strong characters."
- Stage actress Alla Demidova (Novye Izvestiya)
"My first husband - an opera singer - was well adapted to the socialist system and was absolutely helpless in the new one. Helplessness in the face of capitalism is a common trait of many ex-husbands." But not for Ukraine dating women.
- (Maria Arbatova, playwright and feminist icon)

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