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On the best of the Russian women site, there are many, many beautiful Russian women looking for western men. On the opposite side of the coin there are far fewer western men seeking to meet Russian women. So, what do you need to do in order to take advantage of this new Russian dating scene?

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What do Russian women want, exactly?
  As mentioned already on this site, there are many single Russian women looking for western men because of the demographic imbalance in Russia and the former republics. There is a great shortage of men in Russia. Russian women want what all women want - caring relationships and stable, loving families.

Western men are increasingly starting to use Russian dating agencies
  Are you worried that Russian dating is too unconventional for you? Well, don't be. Russian dating is now becoming quite conventional and mainstream. And don't feel that you have to act like a Russian man in order to woo these women - on the contrary - they're looking for something quite different! When Russian women join Russian dating sites, they are seeking western men and will focus on those men who are open and show respect, and maybe some humor. Love and security are common goals of all human beings. To distinguish yourself from other men on Russian dating sites, be sure to be honest and open about your desires and capabilities. If you're ready to offer the love and companionship that Russian women so desire, don't hold this information back.

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