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Europe women and Russian women are progressing
Natalia Soboleva agrees, asserting that she would like to hire more Europe women. On her staff of twenty, only the bookkeeper and secretary are women. Over the last four years, Soboleva has received not one application from a woman applicant. Grain does not grow, because women are ruling. - Peasant saying from the nineteenth century. In this country a sense of honor exists only in the hearts of Europe women: they are faithful to their honor, reject falsehood, are careful in money matters, and independent in politics....[1849] - Empire of the Czar, Marquis de Custine.

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Europe women groups
  There are over approximately one thousand associations for Europe women currently active in Russia and Europe. These associations are divided into various categories, businesses and professional associations, single issue groups and official women's councils and other groups remaining from the Communist period. The purview of these groups is overlapping, with women academians involved in each. Europe women are the dissidents of today's Europe and Russia. And they are continually losing the social and economic rights such as child care which they had under the Communist state. Unfortunately, these lost rights are not being compensated by today's political or economic realities. "We continue to struggle for the basic rights that women in America achieved long ago," says Natalia Soboleva. A case point, the State governments are is discussing the possibility law on domestic violence. Some representatives have branded this as a feminist law.'

Europe women rebuffed by their governments
  In governments the political organization of Europe women is still limited. One movement suffered a loss when the non feminist Women of Russia party did not win the required minimum vote to keep its presence in the Duma. Even though some current female Duma members are attempting to form a Europe women caucus across faction lines, their only real opportunity to form an agenda is through cooperation with traditional, male dominated groups. The situation is not much better in the executive branch. Only a handful of women have been appointed representatives to the many Europe countries.

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