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Russian single women and sexual initiative
Attitudes toward the right of Russian single women to take the initiative when they want to have sexual contact with men varied according to age group. Men in all groups supported the right more than did Russian single women themselves. Young people supported the idea that Russian women should be able to take the sexual initiative more than did older people. The interaction between age group and gender was fairly strong. Gender differences were smaller among younger than older people because, similar to men, younger single Russian women strongly supported the right of women to take the sexual initiative. Attitudes toward women initiating sexual contact varied among different national groups. Finnish women had a slightly more positive attitude toward it than Russian women.

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Russian single women and participation in sexual intercourse
  There was also an interaction between nationality and age group. Age differences were smaller in Russia. We also found an interaction among all three independent variables--gender, age, and nationality. Young Russian men, supported sexual initiative by Russian single women as much as young Finns did for their women. Actual initiation of sexual intercourse by Russian single women was studied. The proportion of Russian single women who took the initiative in the latest sexual intercourse study increased with the younger age. Russian single women participation in the initiation of their most recent intercourse indicates a noteworthy shift in the gender roles in sexual intercourse.

Gender role and Russian single women in sexual relations
  There was an interaction between gender on women taking or sharing the initiative. Russian single Women who had a positive attitude toward women taking the initiative in sexual contacts more often reported having participated in the initiation of their most recent sexual intercourse; men's attitudes were unrelated to whether the woman took the initiative. The result makes sense: Russian single women who thought that it was acceptable for women to initiate sex were more likely to do so. Russian men who thought that it was acceptable for Russian single women to initiate sex may or may not have had partners who did so. Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Standards. Russian men reported more pleasure from sexual intercourse than did Russian single women. Young people enjoyed intercourse more than older people. Satisfaction with intercourse did not vary much according to age among men, but young women enjoyed intercourse

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