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Why do Russian women seek to meet Western men? The answer is Russian men apparently do not make good husbands. Russian men are not inherently bad but Russian traditions of family life are tough for women. When a Russian man grows up in a family and society, he learns to act according its customs and traditions. And unfortunately this is very bad for Russian women. It's almost impossible for a Russian man to free himself from the shackles of his upbringing. Therefore, Russian women will continue to seek to meet western men for romance and marriage indefinitely.

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Russian women dating - Russian women hate drinking
  Unfortunately most Russian men profusely abuse alcohol. It is a historical addiction deeply embedded in the roots of Russian society. This addiction, of course, was reinforced by the oppression of Soviet tyranny. And, Russian women throughout history have had to endure the experience of watching their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons fall victim of this addiction. And why have not Russian women fallen to this same addiction? It is difficult to say but probably because they felt the necessity to rescue the family. So, society, history and life circumstances push men towards alcohol addiction, which in turn causes severe problems with men's health, both mental and physical. There are, of course, some men who remain healthy and are able to take care of their families, but unfortunately they are the small minority.

Russian women dating - Russian women outnumber Russian men
  Also there is the factor of disproportionately more Russian women than men in Russia. This is stated by the Russian government itself through the Ministry of Statistics. By last count in year 2000 there were twelve million more Russian women than men. Twelve million women who have virtually no chance to find a life partner in Russia, twelve million women, most of whom are quite open to the idea of an international dating. And, a good percentage of which, are eagerly using Russian women dating services.

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